Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Click on the “Parent Portal” in the upper right hand corner of our site. Create an account. You’ll be able to add your personal information, add your child’s information (if you’re registering your child), and select a class. You will only need to pay the registration fee up front and we will get your tuition updated as soon as possible.

Here’s a screencast to walk you through it:

For Which class should i register my Child? Myself?

If you’re in doubt, send us an email at Our basic birthday deadline is September 15. If you’re dancer was 3 on September 15, register for the 3 year old class.

where can we buy ballet shoes, tights, etc?

The easiest solution is to buy them at the studio! We carry shoes, tights, leotards, dance dresses, skirts and more at competitive prices. There isn’t a dedicated dance store in our area so we stock these items as a convenience. You will find some items at box stores but choice can be limited. Also, we highly advise against ordering ballet shoes online. Ballet shoes don’t run the same size as street shoes and they are usually more expensive than the shoes we sell at the studio. You don’t want to end up spending more on shoes that are the wrong size.

Classes have already started. is it too late to join?

It is really never too late to join! We will pro-rate your tuition if you join mid-season, your dancer will catch up quickly, and it will still be a great experience!

How Much are classes?

It depends on the length of the class and the length of the semester. You can find our fees page here.

Do you have a recital?

We do have a yearly performance! Your dancer will experience the joy and excitement of dancing on stage, BUT we don’t ask you to buy expensive costumes. We will provide your dancer with a costume to borrow and ask that you return it to us after the show. You will need to buy a ticket for yourself to see the show to help us offset the cost of renting the theatre, but your dancer does not need a ticket. Tickets for our shows are usually $10-$15