Kids Say the Funniest Things...

Kids LOVE to talk.  Did you ever wonder what sorts of things your child tells his or her teacher? Over the years, our teachers have collected some very funny quotes!  Here are a few of our favorites.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

"I'll let you guess what I am. I'm big, hairy, and existed in the prehistoric era. I'M A WOOLY MAMMOTH!"

"Miss Jenny! My puppy is having kittens!" 

"You can't put turtles and flowers in your mouth.  They're too heavy.  But you can kill a turkey and put it in your mouth." 

"I'm a giraffe-shark-mermaid. I can scare you."  (chomps teeth together like shark and growls)

"You got my name right!  You get a high five!"

- Miss Jenny to 3 year olds: "What would the zebra look like if he didn't have stripes? What if he were all black?" - 3 year old: "a black bear?"

- Dancer:  "Ms. Stephanie, why is your belly so big?"  - Miss Stephanie: "I have a baby in my belly."   - Dancer:  "I don't have a baby in my belly, just a cookie."

Look for our next blog post with lots of great information on preparing your little one for his or her very first dance class!