Why is it important to teach proper ballet terminology?

Why does my dancer need to learn proper ballet terminology?

There are many reasons that we teach proper ballet terminology in our classes, but one of the most important is the simple fact that terminology is empowering.  Dancers will be more confident in their movement, in their class participation, and in their role as students if they understand the proper ballet terminology.

What are the other benefits?

- Ballet terminology is universal.  While you may find minor variations along the way, dancers who are well versed in ballet terminology can not only function in ballet classes around the world but excel in these classes.  Along with this universality comes confidence, the courage to take class in a different environment, and the adaptability to learn from multiple teachers.

- Broadening your dancer's vocabulary by teaching him or her the ballet terms in French along with what they mean in English is a great way to increase reading skills.  Your dancer will begin to recognize English words that are related to the French words and will have a larger vocabulary in English through the introduction of additional English vocabulary through the translation of the French terms.

- As someone who chose to study French because the ballet words were in French and went on to earn a PhD in the subject, I would be remiss in not pointing out that proper ballet terminology can inspire a lifelong love of languages.

Is my child too little to learn the proper terminology?

You will find that even in our youngest classes the dancers often go home chanting "plié, sauté" as they bounce around your house.  We begin teaching proper terminology from the very beginning and get more and more complex as the dancers grow.  If you're sitting in the lobby, you will often hear our dancers calling out the proper terminology as they dance.  Not only does saying the word as you do the movement increase the overall usage of the brain, it cements the meaning with the action creating better retention.   In short, you're never too little to learn!


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