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Progressing ballet technique workshop

A ball and band strengthening workshop specifically designed to activate the muscles for proper ballet technique and to effectively train muscle memory to help you achieve your personal ballet best.  This innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon is now being taught in over 40 countries with tremendous results. Progressing Ballet Technique promotes safe training to optimize your immediate performance and your physical longevity.  While it is designed for dancers, Progressing Ballet Technique is an excellent program for anyone targeting core stability, pelvic floor strength, adductor and deep rotator activation, and increased flexibility.

June 3, 2017

ages 7-11 - 9-10am
ages 12+ - 10-11am

Cost:   $12 plus tax

required Materials:

  • 9ft medium weight resistance band (we will have bands available for use during the workshop but highly recommend purchasing your own, available for an additional $10.60 with your workshop registration)
  • a fitness ball of appropriate size for your height (we will have balls available for you to borrow during the workshop - if you would like to buy a ball at a cost of $26.50, please select that option in your registration and it will be prepared for you on the day of the workshop)
  • yoga mat (we have 4-5 yoga mats available to borrow but recommend you bring your own if you have one)


Students should wear a leotard and tights or yoga pants and a fitted top. 
Note:  If wearing pants, you may want to roll them above the knee to more easily grip the ball.

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Note: Balls and bands will be supplied for use during the workshop, but if you would like your own band or ball to keep, please select that option. I highly recommend purchasing your own band.